What is the biblical definition of debauchery?

1 : extreme indulgence in bodily pleasures and especially sexual pleasures : behavior involving sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. that is often considered immoral …

What does debauchery in the Bible mean?

The term debauchery is used throughout the Bible, to describe what would today be considered “partying.” The act of debauchery involves someone engaging in “unholy” activities, and it typically refers to out-of-control behavior for the purpose of excessive pleasure.

What does it mean to live a life of debauchery?

Debauchery is a noun meaning crazy partying and wild nights, usually accompanied by a lot of alcohol. So you probably don’t want to engage in any kind of debauchery the night before an exam. Debauchery is all about indulging in some of life’s pleasures — overindulging, in fact.

What is lasciviousness according to the Bible?

Definitions of lascivious. adjective. driven by lust; preoccupied with or exhibiting lustful desires.

How do you debauch someone?

Frequency: To debauch is defined as to seduce or corrupt someone’s morality. When a man seduces a woman and tricks her into doing inappropriate sexual acts, this is an example of when he debauches her. Debauch is defined as the act of indulging in sensual pleasures.

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Where did the word debauchery come from?

It derives from the French verb débaucher, meaning “to tempt away from duty.” Debauchery is the noun form of the verb debauch, meaning “to corrupt,” “to pervert,” or “to engage in debauchery.” The suffix -ery is used to form nouns indicating collective actions or qualities, as in trickery.

Who is a lascivious person?

adjective. If you describe someone as lascivious, you disapprove of them because they show a very strong interest in sex. [disapproval] The man was lascivious, sexually perverted and insatiable.

What is hedonistic debauchery?

Hedonism. The pursuit of pleasure; sensual self-indulgence. Debauchery. Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures. Debauchery and Hedonism are often seen as the same thing in our society (at least in the US) because our culture is built on abrahamic and particularly puritanical traditions.

How do you use the word debauchery?

Debauchery in a Sentence

  1. How can you go to church every Sunday and still engage in debauchery?
  2. Give me a bachelor party without debauchery, and I’ll show you a boring evening!
  3. Because he was looking forward to four years of debauchery, Jamie could not wait to go to college.

What does this word mean licentiousness?

1 : lacking legal or moral restraints especially : disregarding sexual restraints licentious behavior licentious revelers. 2 : marked by disregard for strict rules of correctness.

What does evil concupiscence mean in the Bible?

In Christianity, particularly in Roman Catholic and Lutheran theology, concupiscence is the tendency of humans to sin. … Involuntary sexual arousal is explored in the Confessions of Augustine, wherein he used the term “concupiscence” to refer to sinful lust.

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What does emulation mean in the Bible?

1 : ambition or endeavor to equal or excel others (as in achievement) 2a : imitation.

What does decadent dessert mean?

The definition of decadent is something in a state of decline or something that is luxurious and self-indulgent. An example of a decadent desert is a gigantic piece of expensive chocolate cake. adjective.

What does it mean to be lecherous?

adjective. given to or characterized by lechery; lustful. erotically suggestive; inciting to lust: lecherous photographs.

What does debauched one mean?

Debauch means to destroy or corrupt someone’s morals. Overnight fame and wealth might debauch a previously mild-mannered and altruistic actor. … As a noun, debauch refers to an out-of-control party — in other words, a gathering at which one’s morals might be corrupted.