Question: Who is the narrator of Under the Feet of Jesus?

Who is the main character in Under the Feet of Jesus?

The third-person omniscient point-of-view that Viramontes employs allows the reader to understand the sentiments of multiple characters, thus creating a more personal connection to the excerpt.

What is located Under the Feet of Jesus?

Petra, looking under the feet of a Jesus statue, sees the birth certificates of her five children, and the marriage certificate from when she married her husband in Santa Ana. She views these documents as proof against immigration if anyone tries to wrongly deport her children.

What does the title Under the Feet of Jesus mean?

The title of the book refers to birth certificates and other important documents kept in a portable statue of Jesus that moves with the family to each new location along the agricultural production cycle.

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What kind of person is Estrella?

Personality. Estrella has a personality that is similar to her daughter, however, she is much more outspoken than Rosalina. She is very wise, mature, kind, motherly, regal, and a very elegant character.

How does under the feet of Jesus end?

At the end of Under the Feet of Jesus, Alejo is taken to the hospital by Estrella because he has been sprayed with insecticide while he was picking apples to sell. As a result of this (or perhaps I should say “in addition to this”), Alejo’s sickness gets so much worse!

What does Petra keep under the feet of Jesus?

If they stop you, if they try to pull you into the green vans, you tell them the birth certificates are under the feet of Jesus, just tell them. She envied the car, then envied the landlord of the car who could travel from one splat dot to another.

How does Estrella character development in under the feet of Jesus?

Helena Maria Viramontes’ Under the Feet of Jesus portrays the maturing of Estrella, a young Latina that seems to awaken in many different aspects of her life. The author’s use of Estrella give the book its strength and potency. Estrella is an affectionate character, which is at the center of all the important issues.

What does the barn symbolize in under the feet of Jesus?

In this sense, the barn represents the importance of Estrella’s inner life and the need to carve out some solitude in the midst of her crowded life. At the same time, the barn is under threat from Perfecto, who wants to tear it down and sell the materials.

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When was under the feet of Jesus written?

Published in 1995, Helena Maria Viramontes’s Under the Feet of Jesus, a coming-of-age story about a young girl in a family of migrant laborers, is a classic novel of Chicano/a Literature.

What is under the feet of Jesus by Helena Maria Viramontes about?

A moving and powerful novel about the lives of the men, women, and children who endure a second-class existence and labor under dangerous conditions as migrant workers in California’s fields. At the center of this powerful tale is Estrella, a girl about to cross the perilous border to womanhood.

What year was under the feet of Jesus set in?

On a chalkboard/whiteboard/docucam, draw a long timeline beginning with Perfecto’s birth, around 73 years before the novel’s present (potentially in 1917), and ending with the publication of the novel in 1995. Ask students to come up with and write in events from the novel in chronological order.

How does under the feet of Jesus function as a Bildungsroman or coming of age novel?

The novel by Viramontes entitled Under the Feet of Jesus gives an account of the plight of a family that lives as migrants. It has aspects that indicate similarities with the theories of the Bildungsroman. The essay evaluates how and to what extent the events of the novel fit the genre conventions in the Bildungsroman.

Was this punishment for his thievery he was sorry Lord so sorry?

“Was this punishment for his thievery? He was sorry lord, so sorry” (77). “But the tire resisted, Alejo’s body resisted, and she did not want to think what she was thinking now: God was mean and did not care and she was alone to fend for herself” (139).

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Why did Estrella’s family have to leave their last labor camp?

Because the family has no money to buy gasoline to transport Alejo to the hospital 20 miles away, Estrella threatens the nurse with a crowbar and takes back their money. They bring Alejo to the hospital and leave him there to be cared for by the doctors. Discussion Questions: 1.