Why are Catholics called left footers?

Lockwood wonder why Catholics and Protestants call each other “left-footers”. It means evil and diabolical, following the traditional association of left with sinister. Entering churches with the left foot first was proscribed and is still apparently observed today when entering a Greek Orthodox Church.

What is the meaning of a left footer?

left-footer (plural left-footers) Someone who is left-footed. (sports) A player who predominantly kicks with the left foot. (sports) A goal kicked with the left foot. (UK, Ireland, colloquial, derogatory) A Roman Catholic, especially one of Irish descent.

What is a left footer in Ireland?

Why are Catholics sometimes called ‘left-footers’?

The saying turns on a traditional distinction between left- and right-handed spades in Irish agriculture. It has been used as a figure of speech and often, sadly, as a term of abuse to distinguish Protestants from Catholics: ‘He digs with the wrong foot.

What is a right footer?

noun. 1A person who uses the right foot more naturally than the left; a person (especially a sportsperson) whose right foot is stronger or more dexterous than the left.

Which foot do you kick the ball with religion?

kick to kick with the left foot means to be a Roman Catholic. To kick with the wrong foot means to profess a religion regarded as unsuitable: ‘Nae chance of gettin a game for them.

How common is left footedness?

Most people are right-footed.

Overall, there were 61.6 percent right-footers, 8.2 percent left-footers, and 30.2 percent mixed-footers.

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Who is the best left footed soccer player?

1. Lionel Messi. The best left-footed player of all time is also currently the best football player in the world.