What Is a Little Brown Church in the Vale?

“The Little Brown Church” is a historic church located at 2730 Cheyenne Avenue in Nashua, Iowa that was made famous by a song, The Church in the Wildwood. The structure was completed in 1864.

What is the church in the Vale?

Church made famous by the song “The Church in the Wildwood,” also known as “The Little Brown Church in the Vale,” is a popular wedding site.

Why is The Little Brown Church famous?

The Little Brown Church outside of Nashua. The Little Brown Church in the Vale, near Nashua, Iowa, was built in 1864. The church, made famous by a song, “The Church in the Wildwood,” is still host to worship services, weddings and baptisms, as well as tours.

Who wrote The Little Brown Church in the Vale?

William S. Pitts, a Wisconsin music teacher taking a stagecoach through the area to meet his fiancee in Fredericksburg in the 1850s, passed by the wooded glen along the Cedar River where the church now sits and was inspired to write the song “The Church in the Wildwood.” in the vale.

What county in Iowa is The Little Brown Church?

Little Brown Church in the Vale, State Route 346, Nashua, Chickasaw County, IA – Drawings from Survey HABS IA-20 | Library of Congress.

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When was Little Brown Church in the Vale written?

William Pitts wrote the song, “The Little Brown Church in the Vale” in 1857. According to the history of the Little Brown Church along Highway 346 near Nashua, Iowa, the song was written after William Pitts had visions of a little church in the country.

When was the Little Brown Church built?

Charming and picturesque, the Little Brown Church was built in 1860 at a time when Iowa was the wild frontier. The town located here was named Bradford and had trading stores, a post office, grist mills furniture manufacturers and a saw mill that ran both night and day to keep up with the demand for lumber.

Who got married at the Little Brown Church?

The original wedding log from March 4, 1952, at the Little Brown Church in the Valley, signed by Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis. One of the witnesses was William Holden.

When was the hymn Church in the Wildwood written?

Church in the Wildwood isn’t a recently written song. It was actually composed in 1857 by a young music teacher named William S Pitts as a result of a June visit to Bradford, Iowa. Pitts was on a stagecoach ride that stopped at the town.