What does it mean to spend time alone with God?

Alone time with God is about just that – relating to God. … Throughout your quiet time, and particularly towards the end, talk to God. Praise him, confess to him, thank him, ask him.

What is spending time with God?

Spending Time with God + Spiritual Growth

The only way for spiritual growth to take place in your life is to set aside time with the Lord on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit will work through your heart and guide you each step of the way. Each moment you seek to spend with God will be blessed by Him.

Why do we need to be alone with God?

Being alone with God is powerful. You may or may not sense His presence sometimes, but His presence will always impact you. The Bible is full of examples of people in challenging situations, needing answers; much the way we live in a complex world full of stress, trials, complications, desperately need answers.

How do you spend time in the presence of God?

So what can we give God when we spend time with Him?

  1. We can give God our consistency and commitment. Think about any important relationship you have in your life. …
  2. We can give God our worship. …
  3. We can give God our memory. …
  4. Put your phone away. …
  5. Use a sticky note to remember tasks. …
  6. Avoid the spirit of shame.
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How do you spend time with God when busy?

Bring God into your daily habits

  1. Bring God into your dinner conversation. …
  2. Tell someone you love them.
  3. Tell someone that God loves them.
  4. Write a sweet one-sentence note to someone.
  5. Pray with your children at night.
  6. Read Christian books to your young children. …
  7. Say a prayer of thanksgiving before meals.

Why did Jesus pray alone?

Occasionally, Jesus would model praying in solitude for his disciples. Before telling his disciples of his coming death, he spent time alone in prayer (Luke 9:18). This solitude was a regular habit for him. … This leads us to Jesus’ description of prayer that he teaches to his disciples.

What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God?

A personal relationship with God is just like a relationship with anyone else in your life. It is fellowship, love, and trust between you and him. It means to know him and to be known by him. It’s much more than just going to church or even reading our Bibles.

What does the Bible say about a personal relationship with God?


The first and great Commandment is: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27). A person’s love for God must show itself in love for people.

What does alone before God mean?

Doctrine claiming that since God is all-knowing and all-powerful, he must know in advance who is saved or damned. Therefore, the salvation of any individual is predetermined. This doctrine is emphasize by Calvinists.

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How do we spend time in prayer?

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.


  1. “Thank you Lord.”
  2. “Heal her God.”
  3. “Eliminate my debt.”
  4. “Forgive my sinfulness.”
  5. “Save him Lord.”
  6. “Redeem her God.”
  7. “Protect my mind.”
  8. “Comfort my soul.”

Does listening to worship music spend time with God?

You can spend time with him in multiple ways, including listening to worship music. Worship is a way to show Jesus you care and thanking him for what he has done in your life through song. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to be spent intentionally with him.