How many times did George Whitefield come to America to preach the gospel?

In an age when crossing the Atlantic Ocean was a long and hazardous adventure, he visited America seven times, making 13 ocean crossings in total. It is estimated that throughout his life, he preached more than 18,000 formal sermons, of which 78 have been published.

Did George Whitefield preach in America?

In one year, Whitefield traveled 5,000 miles through America, preaching more than 350 times as he traversed the nation North to South. An estimated 25,000 people gathered on Boston Common to hear him speak. Another 12,000 heard him in Philadelphia and 8,000 in New York City.

When did George Whitefield start preaching?

In 1736, Whitefield became ordained and began his preaching career. He was originally based in London, which was at that time the center of the civilized world in many ways. Whitefield’s early sermons focused very heavily on religious conversion as a fundamental and emotional experience.

Who did George Whitefield preach to?

Whitefield preached to common people, slaves and Native Americans. No one was out of reach. Even Benjamin Franklin, a religious skeptic, was captivated by Whitefield’s sermons, and the two became friends.

Did George Whitefield preach in Georgia?

Whitefield was designated minister of Savannah by the Georgia Trustees in 1738, and his extempore preaching and praying, as well as his willingness to officiate in dissenter meeting houses, was well received in the colony.

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Who was Jonathan Edwards George Whitefield?

As the Great Awakening swept across Massachusetts in the 1740s, Jonathan Edwards, a minister and supporter of George Whitefield, delivered what would become one of the most famous sermons from the colonial era, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” The sermon featured a frightening central image: the hand of all- …

What did Benjamin Franklin think about George Whitefield?

Franklin felt it unnecessary to identify the Reverend George Whitefield of England except by his last name, for he assumed the famous evangelist would be familiar to all. Whitefield’s reputation rested on his open-air preaching throughout England and the American colonies.

What religious doctrine does Whitefield preach?

Whitefield’s loose doctrine aligned more with the Calvinists over the concept of predestination. He believed the God predestined the elect for salvation. Whitefield was very much in line with the Reformed movement in belief in original sin, justification through faith in Jesus and predestination.

Who was Whitefield quizlet?

George Whitefield was a preacher and public figure who led many revival meetings both in England and the American colonies. He became a religious icon who spread a message of personal salvation and a more democratic Christianity.

When did George Whitefield come to America?

One of the great figures of the movement was George Whitefield, an Anglican priest who was influenced by John Wesley but was himself a Calvinist. Visiting America in 1739–40, he preached up and down the colonies to vast crowds in open fields, because no church building would hold the throngs he attracted.

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When did George Whitefield go to Georgia?

In May 1738, he accepted the invitation from John and Charles Wesley to join them in Georgia, the first of seven trips to America in his lifetime. Following the Wesleys’ departure back to Great Britain, Whitefield was named minister to Savannah by the Georgia Trustees.