Staff & Elders


We exist to equip, support and unleash members of the Bridges community to exercise their giftedness within the Kingdom of God, while also coordinating ministries specific to Bridges Church.

Jeff Timblin

Eric Heilman

Jenny Lindner

Josh McKay

Connor de la Vega

McKenzie Gredler


An elder at Bridges is someone who shepherds the flock, providing spiritual care and oversight for those who call Bridges their home church community. The qualifications, responsibilities and expectations for an elder are explained in 1 Peter 5:1-3.


There are five primary activities that elders are responsible for at Bridges church.   

1) Teaching and Doctrine

2) Prayer

3) Vision

4) Commissioning and Equipping

5) Shepherding and Restoration 


Jason Ellis

Jose Rico

Jeff Timblin

Tom Glonchak

Dennis Lindner

Ben Nelson

Steve Weightman