Sunday Prep

(for the week of 11/19 - 11/25)

Preparing for Next Sunday...

Acts 6:8-15
Next Week’s Preparation
In preparation for this Sunday’s study, please read Acts 6:8-15 and answer the following questions:
What else do we know about Stephen from earlier in this chapter?

What does it mean to be full of grace and power?

Where else did we read those words earlier in our Acts studies?

What type of wonders and signs do you think Stephen was performing?

What was the purpose of those wonders and signs?

What do we know of those who belong to the synagogue?

What do you think they were disputing with Stephen about?

How have you experienced dispute from others about your faith?

Describe the wisdom and work of the Spirit we have seen so far in the earlier chapters of Acts.

Stephen is a victim of slander, whom are other examples in the Scriptures of false slander?

Compare verses 12-14 with what happened to Jesus nearing the end of His life.  How did these accusers follow a similar pattern with Stephen?

Use your imagination to describe the features of Stephen as described in verse 15.

Whom else have you seen exemplify such outward characteristics in the face of opposition?

What does this story teach us about God and how He works with His people?

What does this story teach us about man and their response to God’s Truth?