Sunday Prep

The Allure of Slavery 

Read the passages below and answer the following questions.

Exodus 16:1-3

What were the people of Israel reacting to in this passage?

Why do you think they wanted to return to their bondage in Egypt?

What do God to do provide for them after they complained to the Lord?

What in your life do you struggle with returning to in bondage?

Numbers 14:1-25

Several years later, what is the similar cry of Israel? (1-4)

What was the first thing that Moses & Aaron did in response? (5)

What was unique about Joshua & Caleb’s response? (6-8)

Describe their warning to the people of Israel. (9)

How did the people take this warning? (10)

Describe God’s feelings toward this rebellion. (11-12)

What was Moses’ argument to intercede for his people? (13-17)

What character of God does he appeal to? (18-19)

How have you tested the mercy of the Lord?

How did God ultimately respond? (20-25)