Sunday Prep

(for the week of 9/17 - 9/23)

Preparing for Next Sunday...

Acts 4:1-31
Next Week’s Preparation

To best prepare yourself for next week’s study read Acts 4:1-31 answer the following questions:

1. Ask for the Holy Spirit to open your heart to what he would like you to hear.  Then read through all of Acts 4 (and 3 if you have time)
2. What stood out to you about this passage? Any questions or things that have stuck with you?
3. How does Peter’s preaching about salvation and Jesus (vv. 8-12) relate to the sick man being healed in Acts 3?
4. Read verse 13.  If Peter and John were not “special” for their education or training, what do you think gave them the ability to communicate what they did and how they did?
5. What do you think needs to take place for you to have similar “confidence” that they had (v. 13)?
6. Peter and John experience persecution as they preach about what Jesus has done in their lives and others’.  Have you ever had a time you experienced persecution sharing about Jesus or what you believe?
7. Spend some time thinking, writing, or sharing some ways that you have seen Jesus work miraculously around you.  Thank God for his grace and faithfulness. 
8. Spend some time just listening to the Holy Spirit.  In light of what you have just read, what might God be prompting you to surrender and obey this week?