Sunday Prep

The Long Journey of Suffering

Read Luke 8:40-50 and answer the following questions.

Describe how this behavior for a “ruler of the synagogue” was extraordinary.

How have you acted differently in the midst of great suffering?

What was the woman from the crowd’s situation?

How have you struggled with something for years with no results? 

Jesus’ instant healing was quite undramatic, but Jesus did sense power leaving Him, what does that have to do with healing?

Describe the woman’s attitude toward Jesus, why do you think she was hiding herself at first?

What did Jesus mean when he told her that her faith had made her well?

How do you think the disciples and father felt whenever the news about the girl’s death was delivered?

Have you ever experienced times when God seems to not respond?

What do you think Jesus meant by saying “Do not fear, only believe, and she will be well.”?

What do you think happened to her spirit when she died the first time?

What do these two instances have in common?

How do the differ?