Sunday Prep

(for the week of 12/11 - 12/17)

Preparing for Next Sunday...
Read Luke 2:8-20 and answering the following questions...
1. Why do you think the message of Jesus' birth comes to shepherds, of all people? (2:8) What point is God making? Why would He choose for them to be part of this story?
2. What is the "glory of God" that the shepherds glimpsed? (2:9, 13-14) Is this glory present if we can't see it? Why are we so conditioned to look to the temporal rather than the eternal? (2 Corinthians 4:18)

3. What was the sign the shepherds were supposed to look for?

4. What were the words that the angel and the heavenly hosts each said? What do you think these words mean?
5. What was the shepherd’s response to seeing Jesus toward other people? What was their response toward God?
6. Think about your own life and the time that you understood that Jesus was the Savior.  What has your response been to other people? … towards God?
7. Spend some time praying about how you might be able to play a part in sharing the great news of Jesus for all people, during this Christmas season.  Pray that God would give you a courageous heart and boldness not to hide this news.