Sunday Prep

(for the week of 1/21 - 1/26)

Preparing for Next Sunday...
To best prepare yourself for next week’s study read Acts 11:19-30 answer the following questions:
Why do you think that those scattered only spoke the word to Jews? (19)
What do you know about Hellenists?  How were they different from the Jews? (20)
Why did church send Barnabas to Antioch? (22)0
Describe the characteristics of someone that is “full of the Holy Spirit and of faith.” (24)
Why did Barnabas to get Paul? (25)
How do you think Barnabas’ actions encouraged Paul?
What do you think Paul and Barnabas taught these new disciples? (26)
What does the term “Christian” mean? (26)
Who were these prophets and what were their roles?
How does the phrase “according to their ability” relate to giving today? (29)
How did this determination impact the growing church?
Why did they send the gifts to the elders? (30)
Describe a way that you have participated in similar giving.