Sunday Prep

(for the week of 7/9 - 7/15)

Preparing for Next Sunday...

Chapter 5:1-16

To best prepare yourself for next week’s study through 1 Timothy chapter 5, read this letter all the way through at least once this week.  Read verses 1-16 and answer the following questions:
Explain what it would look like to “rebuke an older man.”
What principles of God’s church are Paul’s instructions in verses 1 and 2 exemplifying?
What other Scriptural instructions do you know about God’s love and care for widows?
Why do you think widows are so important to God?
Describe what a “true widow” is.
Why do you think he instructs younger widows to return to their parents or get remarried?
Verse 8 uses very strong language for those who do not provide for their own families.  Explain how these words coexist with what we know about our salvation being secure in Christ.
What do you think may have been happening in the Ephesian church that would cause such clear instructions on widows?
How does our culture violate these principles for widows?
What do you think the widows were being enrolled in? verse 9
In what ways do you think the church cared for the widows in need?
What are some similar situations in our culture that the church should step in and care for?
What is Bridges role in these commands? 
What do you think Paul meant by the church being burdened in verse 16?