2013 Messages

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The Church: Who Are We?


1/6/13 N/A Prayer and Worship (unavailable)
1/13/13 Jeff Timblin The Bride of Christ
1/20/13 Jeff Timblin The Family of God
1/27/13 Steve Johnson The Body of Christ
2/3/13 Jason Erselius God’s Flock
2/10/13 Jason Erselius Unity of the Church
2/17/13 Jason Erselius Challenges to Unity
2/24/13 Jeff Timblin Community in the Church
3/3/13 Jeff Timblin Challenges to Community
3/10/13 Steve Johnson Holiness in the Church
3/17/13 Steve Johnson Challenges to Holiness
3/24/13 Jeff Timblin Palm Sunday
3/31/13 Jeff Timblin Easter Sunday
4/7/13 Jeff Timblin Set Apart for What
4/14/13 Jason Erselius Understanding Spiritual Reality
4/21/13 Jason Erselius Engaging Spiritual Reality
4/28/13 Jeff Timblin The Great Commission Part 1
5/5/13 Jeff Timblin The Great Commission Part 2
5/12/13 Jeff Timblin Series Recap