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1/6/19 Steve Acts 9:19-31  
1/13/19 Josh Acts 9:32-43  
1/20/16 JT Acts 10:1-11:18  
1/27/18 JT  Acts 11:19-30  
2/3/19 JT Acts 12:1-19  
2/10/19 JT Acts 12:19-25  
2/17/19 JT Acts 13:1-12  
2/24/19 JT Acts 13:13-52  
3/3/19 JT    
3/10/19 JT    
3/17/19 JT    
3/24/19 Connor    


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  Listen Introduction  Personal Discipleship  1:1-12
  Listen The Goal of Christian Ministry & The Law in the Christian Life  1:3-11
  Listen The Surprising Servant 1:12-14
  Listen The Savior of Sinners 1:15-17
  Listen Fight the Good Fight 1:18-20
  Listen A Call to Prayer, A Basic Prayer Life... Most of the Time
 [tab title="6/10/18"]   Listen














Tom's Story Not Available
Reese's Story Listen
The Hendersons' Story Listen
The Hefferman's Story Listen
Sylvia's Story Listen
The Heilmans' Story Listen
The Weightmans' Story Listen
The Micah's Story Listen
Dave & Liz  Story Listen
Josh's Story Listen
Lolita's Story Listen
Robin's Story Listen
Jim's & Melanie's Story Listen




  The story crown
Pastor Jeff Timblin  Kicks-Off the Story Series  Listen
Pastor Jeff Timblin Chapter 1 Listen
Pastor Jeff Timblin Chapter 2 Listen
Pastor Jeff Timblin covers Chapter 3: Joseph from slave to Deputy Pharaoh Listen
Pastor Jeff Timblin Chapter 4 Listen
Chapter 5 Pastor Jeff Timblin Listen
Youth Director Connor De La Vega covers Chapter 6 Listen
Pastor Jeff Timblin covers Chapter 7 Listen 
Chapter 8 Listen 
Chapter 9 Listen
Chapter 10 Listen
Chapter 11 Listen
Chapter 13 Listen
Chapter 15 Listen
Chapter 16 Listen
Chapter 17 Listen
Chapter 17 Listen
Chapter 18 Listen
Chapter 20 Listen

Thanksgiving & Christmas

Thanks Listen
Why God Became Man Listen
 Not available

One Hit Wonders

Jude (461 words) Listen
III John (219 words)   Listen
II John (245 words) A letter on the Truth  presented by Jason Erselius Listen
I John (2,141 words) The Authentic Christian Life  presented  by Jeff Timblin  Listen
Philemon (335 words)   Listen
Titus (921 words) Listen
 II Thessalonians (1,042 words)   Listen    Budget Update
I Thessalonians (1,481 words)    Listen  
Haggai (1,131 words)  Listen 
Nahum (1,285)   Listen
Jonah (1,321 words)   Listen
Following Jesus Together
Postcard-Easter2016-1 FRONT
Jeff Timblin   Sermon
Jeff Timblin   Sermon
Jeff Utu  Sermon
balancing stones isolated on a white background
Jeff Timlbin Sermon
Jeff Timlbin Sermon
Bill Currington Sermon
Jeff Timblin Sermon
Jeff Timblin & Jason Ellis Sermon
Connor De La Vega Sermon
Jeff Timblin Sermon
Final Words
First Light cover
Jeff Timblin  Sermon
Jeff Timblin Sermon
Jeff Timblin Sermon
Jeff Timblin  Sermon
Game Changers Cover
Jeff Timblin Genesis 1    Slides
Dave Stewart Message
Steve Lasiter John 3
Josh McKay JM-Matthew 6:24-32       Slides
Postcard-David-2015-FRONT (1)
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1/4/2015  Jeff Timblin Relational Joy
1/11/2015  Jeff Timblin Paul chooses joy
1/18/2015  Jeff Timblin The Joyful Life
1/25/2015  Jeff Timblin A display of Joy
 2-1-15  Jeff Timblin Joyful Relationship  2:19-30              Handout
 2-8-15  Jeff Timblin Joyful Confidence 3:1-11                  Handout      Slides
 2-15-15  Jeff Timblin The Race For Deeper Joy 3:12-21     Handouts   Slides
 2-22-15  Jeff Timblin Joy in the Lord Phil. 4:1-9                Handout      Slides
 3-1-15  Steve Lasiter Joy of Contentment Phil. 4:10-22                          Slides


12-28-14  Jason Erselius Pastors & People 

 Christmas Service 

12-21-14  Jeff Timblin The Lights of Christmas


9/28/14  Jeff Timblin The Relational God
10/5/14  Jeff Timblin Family Relationships: Spouse
10/12/14  Jeff Timblin Family Relationships: Parent/Child
10/19/14  Jeff Timblin Family Relationships: Extended Family
10/26/14  Jeff Timblin Church Connections: Leadership
11/2/14  Jason Erselius Church Connections: Ministry Partners (Body Life)
11/9/14  Jeff Timblin Christian Community: All Believers (In Your Life)
11/16/14  Jason Erselius Christian Community: Universal Church
11/23/14  Jeff Timblin Close Friendships: Discipleship
11/30/14  Jeff Timblin Close Friendships: Mentoring
12/7/14  Jeff Timblin Close Friendships: Intimate Friendships
12/14/14  Jeff Timblin Daily Associations: Oikos (Spheres of Influence)


3/09/14 Jeff Timblin Shepherding  Part I 

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