Our History

Founded in Cypress, California in 1997, Bridges Church is a Bible-based, multi- generational community that is comprised of people who seek to grow in their relationships with Christ and bring His love to the people around them. In a sense, Bridges is all about “bringing church to the people” instead of just bringing people to church.

The story of Bridges began when Pastor Jeff Timblin felt called by God to begin a new church that would specifically minister to young people. As a Youth Pastor for many years, Jeff watched many of his students graduate from youth and college groups only to fall away since they thought large church services were intimidating, unappealing, and not willing to minister to them in their unique, transitional phase in life. After a lot of prayer and seeking God’s will, a group of leaders were gathered together to begin planning, their first Sunday gathering in April of 1997. The unique personality of our community began to take shape: hands-on, flexible, casual, energetic, authentic, warm, friendly, lively, participatory, etc.

Over the years, Bridges Church has grown and changed in many ways, but the most important aspect has always remained the same: a church is not a building, but rather it is the people of God gathered together to celebrate and worship Him. While Bridges began with a young demographic in mind, people of all ages and stages in life have been drawn to the way that Bridges does ministry.

Since God is the one in control, He continues to shape and mold Bridges to be a church that impacts the community around us. A church is an organism and as God calls new individuals to us, He may be calling you as well. This too will change and mold Bridges into a representation of Christ on earth.